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Lone Fir Resort is located in the last town before the Gifford Pinchot Forest in an area of Washington that is not Wi-Fi friendly. Free Wi-Fi is offered to all guests, however speeds may slow down to 2mbps during times of high traffic or bad weather and therefore is not guaranteed during your stay. A password is provided upon check-in. Please be advised some computer and mobile hardware may not be compatible with the Wi-Fi service offered. Internet services may only be used for lawful purposes. Transmission of material in violation of federal or state regulation is prohibited. You agree to indemnify The Lone Fir Resort from any and all claims resulting from your wrongful or unlawful conduct and/or improper use of the services. For non-guests, Wi-Fi may be purchased with a credit card or PayPal account.

VEHICLES, PARKING & EV2022-07-16T13:25:06-07:00


Lone Fir Resort does not guarantee space for extra vehicles. Each hotel room and camping spot is allowed up to two licensed vehicles at no additional charge, with the exception of Cabin 8 which allows four vehicles. There is a $5 fee per day for a third vehicle on a RV site.

No ATV’s, remote controlled cars, drones, electric scooters, hoverboards, electric scooters, or mopeds are allowed. All vehicles must be licensed and insured. No vehicles of any kind are to be driven by minors.

Our cabins and rooms do not support EV charging. If you are a hotel/cabin guest, would like to charge your EV, and there is a RV spot available, we can add a $20 EV charging fee to your reservation per day. If there is no RV spot available, then EV charging is not available.



Smoking is not permitted in any of the hotel rooms, cabins, café, club house, or pool area. Guests who ignore this policy will be asked to leave without a refund and may be charged for damages to the facility. Smoking is permitted outdoors only at least 25 feet away from entrances as according to Washington state law.

RV CHECK-IN2023-06-22T16:19:15-07:00

RV Check-In

Upon checking in, your balance will be paid in full by the guest that is checking in by presenting their valid credit card with ID. Our RV park and tent camping check-in time begins at 1pm and lasts until 9pm. All RV and tent campers must be checked in no later than 9pm to reduce noise to other guests. Guests who do not show up by 9pm will be considered a no-show and the ‘entire’ reservation will be charged to the card without notification to the cardholder.

RV & TENT SITE AMENITIES2022-10-08T12:47:26-07:00


All RV sites include, 30-amp electricity, water, septic, firepit, picnic table and free Wi-Fi for four devices. All tent sites include picnic table, firepit, and free Wi-Fi for four devices. No tents are allowed by themselves in RV sites. One tent may be pitched with a RV in a RV site for an additional fee. Two vehicles are included with a RV site and a third vehicle is an additional fee. Our buildings do not support EV charging. EV charging is available in a RV space if one is available. No wading or kid pools are allowed on property.

ROOM AND SITE FEES2022-10-08T12:53:33-07:00

All room, cabin, RV site and tent site fees are due and payable in advance. Resort Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Resort Management also reserves the right to change rooms, cabins, RV sites or tent sites to similar rooms, cabins, RV sites or tent sites without notification to the guest.

Rooms and cabins are priced at double occupancy (with the exception of Cabin 8 with a base occupancy of four people). Each additional guest is an additional fee per night per guest.

RV sites include up to eight guests and two vehicles. One additional tent may be pitched for an additional fee per night. A third vehicle may be added for an additional fee per night.

ROOM & CABIN AMENITIES2023-06-22T16:17:16-07:00

Room Amenities

All rooms contain Linen, Towels, Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Lotion, Coffee, Creamer & Sugars, Coffee Cups, Refrigerator, Microwave, and TV with 25 channels.

A Hair Dryer, Iron, and Ironing Table are available by request at the front office.

Our kitchen units also come with the following:

Silverware, Glasses, Coffee Mugs, Wine Glasses, Plates, Bowls, Mixing Bowls, Strainers, Pot/Pan Sets, Ladles, Whisk, Spatula, Can Opener, Corkscrew, Cutting Board, Sponge, Dish Drying Table, Dish Soap, Measuring Cup, Measuring Spoon Set, Toaster, Refrigerator, Stovetop, Microwave, Coffee Machine, Paper Towel Roll, Kitchen Towels, Tongs, Peeler, Knife Set, Grater, and Pan Holders.

Kitchen units do not include: baking pans, cookie sheets, spices, aluminum foil, salt and pepper, electronic mixers, insta-pots and slow cookers, and anything else that is not listed on the above section. Please be sure to bring these items from home if you require them.

Upon departure, please make sure that all of your dishes are cleaned and placed on the drying rack for the housekeepers to put away. If there are dirty dishes left behind, there will be a cleaning fee charged to your reservation.

In order to provide a great experience for each new guest if you scorch any of the cooking pans you will be charged a replacement fee.

Cleaning fee $100.00

Pan fee $25.00

RESORT SPEED LIMIT2019-10-01T00:09:40-07:00


Resort speed limit is 5 MPH. Speed limits are strictly enforced with zero tolerance. Because this is very important, guests who exceed the 5 MPH limit will incur possible eviction.

RESORT GUESTS2020-07-27T15:30:59-07:00


Our rates are based on double occupancy in all rooms and cabins (except Cabin 8 with an occupancy of four guests). Each additional guest is an additional fee per person per night. Only registered hotel guests are allowed in rooms or cabins and room occupancy can never be exceeded. Max occupancy for RV Sites and Tent Sites is eight (8) people, and only registered guests of each site are allowed in the site. If there is an RV on the site, one additional tent may be added for a nightly fee.

Resort guests are responsible for the conduct, behavior, and control of their children and visiting guests. Children under 14 years of age must have adult supervision in the clubhouse and pool. Resort guests are financially responsible for any damage to Resort property, intentional or accidental. Willful damage or defacing of Resort property will be cause for immediate eviction and prosecution. Portable Propane BBQ grills are permitted, but must be at least 25 feet away from any building.

RESERVATION POLICY2023-06-22T16:14:48-07:00


All reservations for rooms, cabins, RV and tent sites must be made online. Once the reservation is made, a non-refundable $25 deposit will be charged that applies towards the total balance of the stay. Guests agree to all terms and conditions, including the cancellation and modification policy, upon booking. We only allow one reservation per card-holder and multiple reservations booked under the same name will be cancelled. Only guests that are staying in the room or site may make a reservation for that room or site. Reservations booked with different guest and credit card names will be cancelled. All room and site fees are due at check-in time and a physical credit card and ID must be present. The guest name must match the name on the ID and credit card.

PET POLICY2024-01-12T13:33:55-08:00


Pet Policy for Campground and RV Sites

Dogs are welcome at our RV sites for a $10 per day fee per pet (up to 2 pets per RV site). Pets are not allowed in our tent sites. Please inform us of your pet(s) during check-in. By bringing your dog(s), you agree to keep dogs leashed, away from the pool, and never unattended. Use the designated dog walking area with disposal bags. Pets must be in RVs after 10 PM, and no pet kennels are allowed and no tethering to Lone Fir Property. Help maintain a peaceful environment by preventing excessive noise and no uncontrolled barking. Service animals should be disclosed at check-in. Thank you for making our campground enjoyable for all.

Pet Policy for Guest Rooms, Cabins, and Common Areas

For the comfort of guests using our non-camping lodging, no pets of any type are allowed in the rooms, cabins or Lone Fir’s common areas. If you’d like to bring your pet, please make a reservation for the campground or RV sites. Thank you!

Service Animal Information

Service dogs must be disclosed at the time of check-in along with information concerning their training.

Fees for Undisclosed Service or Pets

Guests who are discovered with unreported pets/service dogs will be asked to leave without a refund. A cleaning fee of $200.00, any fees associated with room damage, and a room recovery fee of up to $500 will be charged for unreported pets in the hotel rooms or cabins.

HOTEL CHECK-IN2022-07-10T17:50:32-07:00


Upon checking in, your balance will be paid in full by the guest that is checking in by presenting their valid credit card with ID. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are accepted. No cash payments are accepted for rooms and cabins. Our hotel check-in time begins at 3pm and until our office closes. If you are arriving after the office closes, we will automatically process your arrival as a late check-in and charge the card on file along with a late check-in fee of $25. If the card is invalid, we will attempt to call you beforehand. Due to security reasons, we do not allow any check-ins after midnight and all guests must make arrangements to arrive beforehand. Guests who do not show up by midnight will be considered a no-show and the ‘entire’ reservation will be charged to the card without notification to the cardholder. All late arrivals must advise our front desk over the phone, through email, or by leaving a voicemail the day prior to your reservation or the day of.

FIREARMS ARE NOT PERMITTED2021-07-14T07:45:18-07:00

We do not permit firearms on property and do not allow open carry of firearms.

DEPOSIT POLICY2023-06-22T16:20:47-07:00


The Lone Fir Resort is a pre-deposit resort. At the time of reservation, we will charge your card a $25.00 deposit. Any remaining balance will be collected at check-in. Personal checks and traveler’s checks are not accepted. All reservations booked through Online Travel Agencies, such as Expedia, Booking.com, Hotels.com, etc. must follow the deposit policies as they posted on those websites. Lone Fir Resort reserves the right to charge the card on file the balance due within ten days of your arrival. A valid credit card must be on file, unlocked, and with the available funds to charge the entire reservation.

CURFEW & QUIET TIME2023-08-29T11:41:12-07:00


We ask that our guests observe “quiet time” between 10pm and 8am to ensure a relaxing environment for everyone in the resort. No amplified music after 9pm. QUIET TIME means, soft-spoken voices, no use of playground area, bicycles or other equipment. Foot traffic only. All persons under the age of 18 please return to your site or room by 10pm. This policy is strictly enforced for the well-being of all our guests. Guests who do not comply will be asked to leave without a refund and will be permanently excluded from the property. Our staff will not always be friendly if they have to ask you to be quiet. Please respect our guests and our staff and be quiet. We ask all guests return to their accommodations by midnight and ask that campfires and social time be extinguished. 

COMMON COURTESY2021-03-09T16:14:54-08:00


Common courtesy will prevail between all persons in the Resort. Profane, abusive, or threatening language or actions directed at Resort personnel or other guests are prohibited. Anyone engaging in such activity will be evicted from the Resort without a refund and may face legal prosecution. Any guest whose actions interfere with the operation of the Resort will be evicted.



Check-out for the hotel rooms is at 11am. Check out for the RV spots is at 12pm. Guests may arrange for late check out, if available, for a fee of $25/hour or any portion of an hour, not to exceed 1 hour. Late check-out requests must be approved by the office. Unapproved late check outs will be charged $35.



Reservations made on our website: Ten (10) or more day’s notice incurs a $25.00 cancellation fee. If less notice is given, you will be charged “one day” base rate, less the original nonrefundable $25 deposit, per reservation without notification to the card holder. All cancellations must be made at this link: https://lonefirresort.com/cancellation/

Reservations booked through online travel agencies, such as Expedia, Booking.com, Hotels.com and more: Please see the cancellation policy as it is posted on the online travel agency that was used to make the reservation. Cancellations must be submitted directly with the online travel agency.

If the guest does not show up for the reservation, or submits a cancellation request on the arrival date, the ‘entire’ booking amount will be charged without notification to the cardholder. Please be advised we are not waving our cancellation policies for any reason at the current time. All reservations are final once booked: any modifications of rooms or dates are treated the same as a cancellation. Ten (10) or more day’s notice incurs a $25.00 modification fee and if less notice is given, you will be charged “one day” base rate per reservation. Once the guest is checked-in, no refunds are given for unused nights and all payments are final.

AT YOUR RISK2021-03-09T16:14:47-08:00


Guests use the Resort facilities and amenities at their own risk. The Resort is not responsible for loss or damage due to fire, accident, theft, weather or catastrophic events.

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