Delicious Food, Always Fun at Our Restaurant Near Mount St Helens

Eat at Bigfoot’s Lodge Near Mt St Helens

Our online ordering is now available! To make reservations or to go orders, please use the links below.

Legend has it that Bigfoot comes to Bigfoot’s Lodge at Lone Fir Resort to hibernate once the summer fades away. It takes a lot of energy hiding from and scaring the people all summer long! Ever since Mount Saint Helens erupted, Bigfoot had to move away from his former home at Ape Canyon, where it attacked intruding miners with rocks in 1924. Come check out Bigfoot’s warm, cozy lodge and enjoy some of Bigfoot’s favorite winter snacks!

Gluten-Free Options at Bigfoot’s Lodge: Our menu in the winter (October-April) is more limited, but we have these gluten-free options available: chili, fire-roasted vegetable soup, side salad, and burgers with no bun. In the summer, we carry a cauliflower pizza crust and additional salad options. Please ask your server for more information.



Monday 11am-9pm
Tuesday 11am-9pm
Wednesday 11am-9pm
Thursday 8am-9pm
Friday 8am-9pm
Saturday 8am-9pm
Sunday 8am-9pm
Serving Breakfast
Thursday – Sunday 8am to 11am